Aleksandra Zakhaev

Player:    CharlieFoxtrot           Clan:        Daeva         Virtue:     Hope
Character: Aleksandra Zakhaev, Ph.D Bloodline:   Zelani        Vice:       Pride
Concept:   Academician              Covenant:    Carthians     Humanity:   4(F)      
Chronicle: Abandoned Vampire Game   Age:         22 (42)

Daeva (Zelani)      
Celerity, Majesty, Serendipity, Vigor [Dexterity, Manipulation]    
Lose two WP when resisting a chance to indulge Vice   
Must receive an invitation to enter a residence; Roll Strength + Resolve and 
  take successes in Aggravated damage if entering without one.
Half cost Allies, Contacts, Haven, Herd

Attributes (60/45/80) 
Mental                        Physical                   Social
Intelligence           3      Strength           2       Presence             4
Wits                   3      Dexterity          3       Manipulation         3
Resolve                2      Stamina            2       Composure            2

Skills (48/30/75)
Mental                        Physical                   Social
Academics              3      Athletics          -       Animal Ken           -
Computer               -      Drive              -       Empathy              2
Crafts                 -      Brawl              -       Expression           4
Investigation          1      Firearms           2       Intimidation         -
Medicine               -      Larceny            -       Persuasion           3   
Occult                 3      Stealth            -       Socialize            2
Politics               2      Survival           1       Streetwise           2
Science                -      Weaponry           3       Subterfuge           -

Expression (Oratory)
Academics (Archaeology) 
Streetwise (Black Market)

Disciplines and Devotions (30+45)
3 Majesty
    Awe (Presence + Expression + Majesty = 11)
      The Kindred gains a bonus to social rolls equal to the number of
      successes rolled (provided they are higher than the target's Composure).
    Revelation (Manipulation + Persuasion + Majesty = 9 versus Comp + BP, 1 Vitae)
      The target is compelled to reveal hidden secrets and feelings.
    Entrancement (Manipulation + Empathy + Majesty = 8 versus Comp. + BP)
      The target falls under the influence of the Kindred and may be commanded.

3 Serendipity
    Turn of Phrase (Wits + Expression + Serendipity = 10)
      The Kindred knows exactly the right thing to say or write in a social 
      situation (either via Stortyteller information or +5 to a social roll).
    Guided Steps (1 Vitae)
      The Kindred adds her Serendipity rating to Defense when dodging, even
      when her Defense is 0 (as in firearms attacks). Stacks with Celerity.
    Perfect Timing (1 Vitae or none)
      The Kindred may spend 1 Vitae to add her Serendipity rating as an equipment
      bonus to any roll that might be affected by timing. The vampire always
      adds her Serendipity rating to Initiative at no cost.

2  Celerity (1 Vitae)
      The Kindred gains her Celerity rating as a bonus to Armor, bonus to  
      Initiative, and a (1 + Celerity) multiplier to Speed. 

Merits (40+28, +16 for BP)
1 Language (Spanish)
1 Language (Cantonese)
1 Language (Russian)
    [She's picked up a few languages throughout her travels]

3 Status (Academia)
1 Status (City)
2 Status (Carthians)
    [Considered an influential specialist and information broker]

3 Mentor (Lorna Zelani)
    [Founder of the Zelani bloodline and Carthian mover/shaker]

1 Interest Group (Theater Society/Expression)
    [Grants 9-again to Expression rolls.]

1 Haven Location
3 Haven Security
2 Haven Size
    [A nondescript house in Carthian territory, secreted away]   

2 Allies (Ordo Dracul)
    [Though seen as a bit flighty, the covenant relies on her services]    
3 Allies (Criminals)
    [Most archaeology necessitates an amount of "salvage and reclamation"]

3 Contacts (Prince Roberts's Court, Import/Export, Law Enforcement)
    [She trades in both artifacts and information]
2 Herd
    [What else are teaching assistants for?]

Active Disciplines


Initiative  8   Willpower   4/4      Perception     5   
Speed      10   Health        7      Stamina        2
Defense     3   Vitae       /11      Resolve        2
Armor       -   Blood Potency 2      Composure      2

[ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] 
                -1  -2  -3

Experience Log 
+10 Leftover (Attributes)
+03 Leftover (Skills)
+02 Leftover (Merits)
+75 Bonus XP
090 XP remaining

-16 Blood Potency 2
-30 Serendipity 3
-15 Celerity 2
-10 Haven
-09 Allies
-06 Contacts
-03 Herd
001 XP remaining

Agenda (From the desk of A. Zakhaev)

  1. Become indispensable to the Prince
  2. ???
  3. Profit

Points of interest:

—Bring criminal factions in line; contact with the international orgs (cartels, triads, bratva) have been fruitful but informal. They have the reach to deliver several artifacts demanded by OD: several promising candidates for ghouling

—Academic front is quiet; recent installation as chair of archaeology dept. should increase resources allocated to OD-friendly research and acquisition

—Political front is unstable; Lorna says that other cov. have “only chaos and oblivion in their futures”, but the OD have “their role to play” and for now, we should support the Prince. L. meditates almost every night on the next course of action (must get her to teach me the technique soon)

Aleksandra Zakhaev

that vampire game mikan abandoned i hate that guy CharlieFoxtrot