Colin Sirk

Toreador, Invictus, Daeva, Caucasian, Beautiful


Colin Sirk was on his way to becoming a vampire from his early years in a Nobody town in Utah where he found himself under a lot of stress as he, in fact, was a Somebody. Maybe not then, but in a few years, he thought. In a few years once he’d run off to New York and became famous for being pretty, as opposed to just being pretty. The handsome young Colin loved his family but couldn’t help secretly disdaining them, how simple and quaint they were. As soon as he got a chance, the B student and drama club member Colin Sirk ceased to exist in a torrent of packed bags and hopped buses all the way to the Big Apple. There, Colin scrounged on the streets and often considered going back home but never did. He was going to Be Somebody.

After a year or so of throwing himself against the walls of New York’s fashion industry Colin finally managed to find the right people and talk their ears off, and finally someone felt a pang at the pitch he gave for his life, Inspired By A True Story as it was. With lies underfoot, Colin managed to climb the ranks of New York’s fashion industry and become a nominal Somebody. The next step of course was to parlay those connections and become an actor, become a celebrity, take it to the next level and that meant Hollywood.

Colin did decently enough for a new actor in Hollywood and managed to get a break here and there, a commercial spot, a little role on TV. He even had a small run on General Hospital as a fresh-faced intern who was going to shake up things, until he said the wrong thing to the wrong person and his role was re-cast. Eventually though, he burned out, and entered into a holding pattern of decrepitude and indulgence, becoming just one of many pretty people wasting their lives gossiping and fornicating and seeing the world through the bottoms of bottles in Hollywood. In Hollywood, Colin had attracted the attention of at least one important person. John Samson, one of the Kindred of Costa Oro, saw in Colin a potential lover…plaything would be more the word. After a short period of courtship, Colin was Embraced and brought into Samson’s life. That life consisted of hedonistic indulgence, and while it was very good hedonistic indulgence, some of the best Colin had ever experienced in fact, after learning the ropes of Kindred society and his condition Colin couldn’t help but finding it wanting. The Covenant his Sire had brought him into, the Ordo Dracul, was a comfortable and dependable spot for the ambition-less Samson and exactly the wrong place for Colin to be.

The Invictus had his name right on it. After one too many arguments with his master about philosophical differences – irreconcilable ones it turned out – Samson finally gave in and gave Colin his blessing to pursue his ambition with the Invictus. Since then, Colin’s been making a name for himself in the fashion industry and local theater in Costa Oro, working out of a small warehouse in Downtown, living comfortably and indulging in a shuffling mass of pretty people trying to make it in local theater and the industry, who come to Colin under his cultivated guise as someone involved in the Church Of Scientology. Colin’s been acquiring resources – he’s in decent standing with the Invictus, he knows some people in his industry, he’s known among the Toreador of the city for his outlandish sense of style.

To the Kindred of Costa Oro who haven’t dealt with him at length, Colin’s known as a very stylish, relatively influential Invictus within the small niche he’s carving out, but someone who isn’t a big mover or shaker because more than anything he’s just a ditz, someone who gets by on looks and style without much substance or greater plans.

Colin Sirk

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