Thaddeus Payton


01[22:02] <@Mikan> Second law: Everyone seeking to embrace a childe must obtain permission from the Prince, and schedule a consultation with Thaddeus Payton – the city’s Harpy, also known as The Matchmaker
01[22:03] <@Mikan> Thaddeus has a strong amount of control over the creation of new vampires. Vampires in the city can consult with him for advice on selecting ghouls/a childe, or ask him to find one for them
01[22:04] <@Mikan> But he can also potentially veto the creation of a new childe, even if the Prince has given permission

01[22:45] <@Mikan> Harpy: Thaddeus spends a lot of his time advising younger vampires, taking care of Circle of the Crone business, consulting with his information network, planting just the right rumors, investigating potential ghouling/embrace targets
01[22:46] <@Mikan> also he really likes country music :)

Thaddeus Payton controls most of the harbor and docks district, which means the Circle of the Crone essentially controls that area. The crucible at the water’s edge is a notable exception to this; that is entirely under the control of the Ordo Dracul.

Thaddeus Payton

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