Patrick O'Connor

Former IRA Terrorist and Ghoul of Theodoric Ekhart



ike many IRA militants, Patrick O’Connor was born into the conflict that would define most of his adult life. Like most of those belonging to the Real IRA, Patrick rejects the Belfast Agreements and the decommissioning on the IRA’s armed wing in favor of achieving it’s aims through Sinn Fien. They began selling excess weapon stock to organized crime groups in the states to fund their terrorist activities, and Patrick soon proved he had a good head for the smuggling game. Eventually, he moved to the city to become a full-time liaison between the IRA and the gangs they do business with.

At that time Theodoric had been on the lookout for a skilled bodyguard for quite some time. When a fellow member of the Invictus who had his won contacts withing the underworld alerted Theo of Patrick’s presence and credentials Theo cashed in several favors to have Patrick kidnapped and brought to him. Theo quickly forced 3 units of vitae down his throat, only letting him stand up again when he was sure that the blood bond hand taken effect.

In Modern Nights Theo uses Patrick mostly as his day-watcher, and on occlusion the man he turns to when he needs something illegal. Theo still permits him to participate within the IRA as long as it doesn’t interfere with his new responsibilities

Patrick O'Connor

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