Samuel Wilson

Invictus leader


The current head of the Invictus, Samuel Wilson, is a busy man. He realizes just how precarious his position is, and how profitable it can be. He’s ready to greatly reward anyone who serves the Invictus well. He’s possibly the most connected vampire in the city’s mortal population. Sam personally oversees the majority of the town’s real estate development and sales, a number of prominent night clubs and he’s muscling in on the Ordo Dracul’s control of the city harbor. His army of ghouls handles the rest of his business. Nobody in the city is quite sure why Sam controls so many ghouls, or why he has Thaddeus Payton’s unspoken support. But the ghouls are placed in key positions among the city’s entertainment industry. By proxy, Sam Wilson’s empire is enormous. There are at least fifteen ghouls operating under his control, and it’s likely there are more kept in reserve.

Samuel Wilson keeps a carefully cultivated image; he knows it’s easier to pull one over on his opponents if they think him weak and inexperienced. It doesn’t work so well on the city’s elders but it’s an invaluable tool among the neonates and mortals. Among those he considers his equals he drops the pretense entirely. It’s at these times he can remind his opponents that he is as strong a predator as any other Gangrel.

Samuel Wilson

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