The Invictus

a summary of the Invictus, its members and plans


The Invictus are officially in a holding pattern; they’re smart enough to realize that while they could seize power, they couldn’t hold it for long. They don’t have the support of any of the other Covenants – the Carthians enjoy protection from the Prince, the Ordo Dracul are currently in power, the Circle of the Crone has the Prince’s official backing and the Lancea Sanctum are barely worth noticing.

For now, the Invictus operates on a loose seniority. Anyone worth being in the Invictus and willing to throw their lot in with them while they’re struggling for power is worth the Covenant’s respect and explicit support. If the Invictus take the city, those already in the Covenant will be in an excellent position.

Neonates and ancillae within the Invictus are titled according to their chosen, self-proclaimed area of expertise. Anyone with an official title, whether within the Invictus or the Prince’s court, may add that title as well. Proclaiming an area of expertise is considered an invitation to other members of the Invictus that they can rely upon that member for assistance in that field. Anyone in the Invictus with an official title can challenge someone’s claim of expertise; if they can’t prove that they are at least competent within that field, they are stripped of their title and publicly shamed.

The Invictus

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