Theodoric Ekhart



So, here’s some background stuff.

Not long after the second world war reached it’s final and bloody conclusion, Pvt. Klaus Ekhart sold the family farm in Germany and moved to America with his newly pregnant wife for a chance at a better life. He used the tidy sum that the sale had brought him to start a brand new construction company, and it just a few short years the investment had paid off. By the time Theodoric was born his father was already a very wealthy man. Theo always went to the best schools, had the best toys, and always got what he wanted no exceptions.

Theo took over the family business after his father was diagnosed with lung cancer and forced to retire. He proved to be an adept owner and CEO. While he knew little about the actual construction jobs taking place, he proved to quite good at securing bids and making friends at city hall who would look the other way and sign something for you in exchange for a nice watch or car.

Shortly after his 32nd birthday Theo came across his sire, an out-of-town Architect of the Monolith who much like his future childe was also in the construction business. Over several business deals they forged a friendship of sorts, and it wasn’t long before he received permission from the elders in Paris to embrace this man. After staying with him for a few months to educate him on vampire culture, laws, and his bloodline his sire left and returned to his work. Theo has been hard at work in the city ever since, working towards increasing not only his personal power, but also working towards advancing the grand plans of his bloodline.

Theodoric Ekhart

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