Tag: sheriff


  • Theodor

    Theodor is one of four Sheriffs in the city; most people consider him the leader, though he's not so sure.
    Theodor is tolerated by most, but not particularly liked by anyone outside of his coterie. He's moody, self-absorbed and worries too much …

  • Daniel Schuler

    Daniel is the only member of the Lancea Sanctum in a position of power; he belongs to the coterie acting as Sheriff for the Prince. It's odd that Daniel serves as the public face of the city's small Lancea Sanctum population. He's not particularly …

  • Kathy Arnett

    A member of the coterie that serves the Prince as Sheriff. Kathy is demanding and obsessive. She is the eye of the coterie, digging out (and remembering) every detail.
    The Ordo Dracul is a secondary interest; work as a Sheriff tertiary at best. It's …